Every round of the hand, other players are going to try to take advantage of your blinds. If you choose to do nothing, you’ll lose a lot of money over the course of the hand. With a restyle you can attack your opponents who are trying to steal your blinds, and not only that. See more in our article below!

How to “Restyle” Right?

One of the most effective tricks in poker is resteals. In other words, it’s a 3-bet raid from an aggressive / loose player who wants to steal your blinds in a similar method. Experienced poker players know that a raid from a late position with a wide range of hands can bring good profits. But this category of players becomes vulnerable because they can’t call a 3-bet with a bad hand.

Usually resteals are used in the blinds as a defense against an attacking opponent. It works most effectively against advanced players who like to play a raises-fold with a marginal hand. 

  • The first thing to understand is that resteals are a form of bluffing. 
  • Consequently, we understand that our hand is the worst hand in the hand, which means that we are seeking a fold from our opponent. 
  • From all of this, we need to understand what factors influence the likelihood of a pass from our opponent in order to successfully resteal.

Steal from Thieves

Resteal is a Robin Hood weapon. This technique is characterized by the irresistible desire of some poker players to take the small and big blind from a late position. As a rule, this form of “stealing” is used by experienced players, because they know that it is a profitable strategy.

Consequently, you need to pay special attention to such characters at your table. Study in detail their game statistics, their hand range and behavior on the postflop. This will help you make the right decision about the execution of a resteal.

Your position and hands

So, you’ve already understood some of the basic nuances that affect the success of a resteal. However, your position plays just as much a role in this move. By definition, most players resteal from the blinds, but the best position to do so is the batton.

Poker pros are well aware that playing without position is a bad game. Attacking the styler from the batton puts you in a very good position, even if you hit the flop. Typically, poker thieves avoid these situations and fold immediately.

Your hand is at the bottom of the list of factors for successful resteals. You’re bluffing, which means it doesn’t matter how strong your cards are. Moreover, you should be careful with marginal hands, because once you hit the flop, you might overestimate your actual strength in the situation.

Your Image

Just like any other grifter, you’re expected to be trusted when you re-steal. That’s why it pays to organize your behavior and your personal image at the table. If a person was 3-betting and raiding only strong hands before the resteal, your opponents must consider you to be quite a tight player. This will help the poker player when he wants to go for the bluff.

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