Today, we’re taking a closer look at how to handle the game of roulette. The dice are then thrown.

Make the right choice of game!

First of all, before making your bet, you have to put all the odds on your side. It is necessary to know how to distinguish between American and European roulette. Yes, American roulette has two “zeros” while European roulette has only one. Choosing the latter considerably lowers the chance of losing your bet.

Playing for fun

Roulette is above all a game! So you have to know how to have fun and not get in over your head when luck is not on your side. After all, these losses are part of leisure activities and we could have spent the same amount of money on the restaurant or a third activity. The best thing to do is to set a reasonable budget for this game and stick to it strictly. This is necessary to avoid becoming addictive. Sitting at a roulette table, with the intention of winning the bet, can be a total game changer. That is, the pressure you put on yourself can diminish the pleasure of playing. After all, it’s a game like any other.

Know how to stop!

When you start to pocket money through roulette, you have to know how to say no. In fact, as soon as you start to win some money, most of the time you think you’re invincible and you always want more. Nevertheless, this gain must be used for something! When you win a game, you shouldn’t bet all your money on the next game. You have to have a little reserve to enjoy your win when you leave the casino.

What bet should I make?

At the casino, the games will always be home friendly. That’s why you should take advantage of the bonuses that are offered. Nevertheless, you must know the stakes of each bet. When you bet on the 12, the chances of winning are lower, but when the odds smile on you, you win big. You can also take it easy and bet on a “pair”. In this case, there is a better chance of winning, but the payoff is small.

What is the Martingale technique?

Seasoned players are familiar with this tactic. The idea is to double your bet every time you lose. Indeed, it has been proven that the more you lose, the closer you get to winning. This technique is only viable on a 50/50 odds, i.e. even and odd, black and red, pass and miss.


  • you play on red for example and you lose, put double on red, you lose again, repeat the operation until red pays. you will then win your initial bet. 
  • if you start playing 1$ when the color is right you will have won 1$ by deducting everything you lost before.
  • if you start playing 8$, and you lose, when you win if you bet every time you bet you will win 8$.

The danger is that if the suit comes out 10 times and it pays on the 11th round you will have to take 2047 euros out of your pocket to be able to play to win back everything you lost and win 1 euro. It doesn’t happen often but I have personally seen red come out 13 times in a row and it represents more than 8000 euros on the table.

This method works mathematically, but you have to know that on this game there can be a ceiling for the bets. Check this and then make sure that you have a large enough cash float to keep doubling. To play this little game securely it is therefore advisable to start from a fairly low bet and stop the charges on the 4th move before the sums become too high.

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