Canadian horseracing was suspended in 2020, but the industry has received good news. In 2021 the season can return to normal. Canadian amblers can once again enjoy betting on horseracing. If you prefer to play casino games, you bet online with Woo Casino.

Horseracing fans will be happy to know that the coveted Mohawk Million race will have a full field, and there will be a $1 million purse up for grabs. The race will take place on September 25.

Where Will The Mohawk Million Race Take Place?

The Mohawk Million will be run at the Woodbine Mohawk Park in Milton, Ontario. It is located a 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto. It was originally opened in 1962 and cost over $3.5 million. The track is 1.5km in circumference and can seat 5000 spectators. There are over 800 slot machines located at the track for customers to gamble on when they are tired of betting on the horses.

What Horses Will Run In The Mohawk Million?

The race will be contested between 2-year-old trotters, and all spots have been purchased. Each spot has been bought for $100,000.

The race officials are proud of their ability to get the race organized despite the challenging environment. They said it is a testament to the strength of the Canadian horseracing industry that they were able to sell all of the race spots.

The names of the horses that will run the Mohawk Million will be revealed at the end of March.  While all spots for the race have been purchased, one is still available and will be won by the winner of the William Wellwood Memorial event on September 11.

The Mohawk Million will cause a huge surge in gambling from local bettors. Bookmakers are expecting to take millions in wagers. The $800,000 Metro Pace for two-year-old pacers and the $550,000 Shes A Great Lady are expected to be a favorite among gamblers.

At the beginning of March, the race organizers will reveal their stake nominations for the 2021 Ontario horseracing season. All of the scheduled races will have different pools based upon spot purchases, while the major races such as the Pepsi Cup and the Mohawk Million will have a pre-organized prize purse. Gamblers will have a wide range of betting options and get to experience a world-class viewing experience.

At the end of 2020, Canadian race organizers were forced to end the horseracing season early due to government restrictions. They shut down multiple racetracks in November and declared the season over in December. 

The horseracing industry is hoping that the 2021 season will be able to run smoothly and that all scheduled races will be held without interruption. Race officials said they have implemented contingency plans and are willing to work with the government to ensure there is a full horseracing season in Canada in 2021.

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