According to experienced players and gambling establishment owners, blackjack is nowadays the most profitable game for all visitors to a gambling establishment. After all, it’s not roulette, where the main thing is whether fortune favors you, but the game where much will depend on your decisions. Not to forget that blackjack tournaments regularly hold very exciting tournaments with great prizes. 

Not to mention the fact that blackjack is a very, very prestigious game, and will always be popular.

But why, then, do video slots seem to be in such high demand, according to the existing statistics? How is it that people who can play blackjack and, most importantly, win, prefer slot machines?

Let’s get to the point

Talking to various users, one can come to the conclusion that players are elementary afraid to play blackjack and the idea that they need to learn and know how to play correctly discourages them from trying something new. Remember that blackjack is not a difficult game that requires a lot of practice, skill, intuition and many other qualities. It’s much simpler than that – let’s try to break down the key aspects of the game, without making detailed stops on them, and tell you what knowledge or maybe skills newcomers will need.

About Goals

The majority of novice players surveyed are of the opinion that their main goal in the game is to score 21 points or get as close to it as possible. And that’s not true at all (and in some variations of the game, at 21 points both us and the dealer will win the latter). Leave trying by any means to get close to that number, we need to beat the dealer and that’s all. An overkill on the dealer and any combination on you (other than an overkill, of course) will be enough to win.

Variety of types

An enormous, simply unbelievable number of blackjack types have been created to date, but we assure you, you shouldn’t be afraid of such a variety. It’s like learning to drive a car – if you can drive one, you can drive any kind, because blackjack has got some pretty basic rules anyway. The most important thing you need to do – get acquainted with the basic concepts and terms, then you’ll be able to understand all types of this game without much trouble.

The most important thing is to choose which game will bring you the most profits. Here the task is more complicated – you need to realize what specific features of the rules will be beneficial to you and what benefits they bring to the gambling establishment. But to begin, we emphasize, it is better to start with the classics – the basics.

Do I play at a real casino?

Sometimes the visitors of offline casinos are elementary to put their skills into practice. They think they will look ridiculous at the table or may do things that are unacceptable in these kinds of establishments. Remember, how you play is your own business, and if somewhere you have heard the opinion that you can outplay others, there is no need to believe it, it is superstition and nonsense. Look at exactly how other players play and try to adopt their skills. In fact, no one forbids to find an empty table and play only with the dealer.

So how do you play?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, your first priority is to choose a gambling strategy that suits you best. But that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel and come up with something yourself. Everything has been calculated before you, and you only need to take advantage of it by finding material on our site. For beginners, we recommend using the most simplified version, where there are only a few recommendations. They can be found below:

  • On 10-11 points you should make a double, in case the sum of your cards is greater than the value of the dealer’s open card.
  • Stop at seventeen points, don’t risk it in vain.
  • If your initial hand is less than 11 points, take a card (unless you have to double up).
  • If the combination is 12-16, you should take another card, provided the dealer’s opening card is higher than a seven. In all other cases, stop – it’s likely that the dealer will be outbid.
  • Don’t buy blackjack insurance from the dealer – it doesn’t make sense. And you should always split eights and aces.

We’ve only given you the key elements of blackjack strategy. If your goal is to maximize your chances of winning, you’ll definitely need to learn the ins and outs of blackjack.

Remember that blackjack, just like any other game, will only seem complicated to those who haven’t yet begun to learn it. Once you start doing something, the answers to what previously seemed incredibly difficult questions will be found on their own, and the skill will come with time and experience.

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